Software for

Modelling DC Resistivity Method 

dc1d  :  Layered earth model for Schlumberger array
dc2d  : 2D inversion of gathered with Schlumberger array
dc3d  : Response of arbitrary array over 3D earth model

Modelling MASW data

 We produce layered earth model for MASW data  

Faz hızı -frekans

Modelling Gravity data

We can produce  2D and 3D model using  gravity data. We provide this service with all-in-one in-house source code.  

Electrode production

Non-polarizable electrodes for either MT, or SP or IP survey.   

PB type electrodes
Dry type Non-Polarizable Electrodes

Processing MT time series 

Proccessing time series with or without  “remote reference”   

robust processing
Processed Time Series; apparent resistivity and phase


We provide services for application, evaluation and interpretation of  Electrical and Electromagnetic methods,