NP or SP electrodes

Once you receive your electrodes you will need additional information.

– Currently, we produce and sell Pb-PbCl and Cu-CuCl based dry electrodes. Dry means that user will not expose to any material. But Pb is very poisonous and must be handled carefully if the electrode is damaged during the usage.

– In each electrode, the filling is kaolin and plaster mixture. Bottom has a ceramic lid.

– Size of electrodes can vary according to request.

– After usage, electrodes should be washed and dried and stored in any storage area.

– The electrodes need to be soaked in water approximately 12 hours priory to the deployment. To do this, sink the pairs into water up to few cm from top, and connect the wires to each other.

– After soaking, they can be deployed as usual way. If the ground is highly resistive then the usage of bentonite in hole will helps to reduce contact resistance.

–  We expect that there is no effect of cold environment. We tested the pairs at -32C without any problem.

– Disposing electrodes should comply with the local regulations.